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Club members are automatically members of the Badminton Association of England and are eligible to play in the Shropshire League.  We have men's, ladies and mixed badminton teams entered every year in several divisions.  As with club night we play all our home games with feather shuttles.

The league secretaries maintain the league tables and updates in the past were published throughout the season on the SCBA web site. This unfortunately was not the case for several seasons and nowadays are still only available by downloading documents so we continue to publish updates on this web site. 

The number of teams is dependent on the number of folk who express an interest in playing in a team when asked at the beginning of the season.  The numbers actually who play throughout the season may also vary so a number of players willing to play as reserves  are also sought.

Each team is typically made up of 4 people ( the mixed can be more) and plays 6 rubbers per match.  Each rubber is the best of 3 games.  A league point is awarded for each rubber won so there is always an incentive.  A draw (3 rubbers each) gains an extra point and a win 2 extra points.  Typically there are 5 teams per division each playing a total of 8 home and away matches over the season with the team finishing top of a division earning promotion and the bottom team suffering relegation.

One delicacy from the rulebook says that a player from a "lower" team can only play in a "higher" team as a substitute twice.  Breaking this rule means the player in question becomes "team-tied" and can no longer play for the "lower" team ... usually to the consternation of the rest of the team!

A team failing to turn up for a fixture is frowned upon very severely and is currently docked 4 points ... not as bad as in the past when it suffered the badminton equivalent of capital punishment and was relegated 2 divisions..  Did this mean other teams were promoted as a result? No such luck!


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