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League Rules Season 2015/2016

1. The League will be known as the Shropshire County Badminton League. All clubs playing in the league must be affiliated to BADMINTON ENGLAND.

2. The League will be open to affiliated clubs of the above County on payment of the appropriate fee. Fees must be paid to the County Treasurer and to BADMINTON ENGLAND by the 31 October. Any points gained in matches played after 31 October by any teams who have not paid fees will be deducted.

3. The affairs of the league will be run by the Hon. League Secretary, the Hon. County Secretary and the area representatives elected at the AGM.

4. The Laws of the Badminton England must be adhered to at all times.

5. A player may represent one club only in each of the leagues in any one season, i.e. a player may represent a different club in the Gents or Ladies Leagues from the Mixed League.

6. (a) A fixture meeting will be held normally in September at which all clubs must be represented; before leaving the meeting clubs shall advise the League Secretary of all home fixture dates. All fixtures must be completed by the 31 March of that season. Matches shall be played on the date originally arranged. A club may postpone a match only in the event of the venue becoming unavailable or in the event of extreme weather.

6. (b) Half the matches for any team should be played before Christmas and half after Christmas.

7. Clubs applying to join or resign from the Leagues must do so in writing to the League Secretary by 31 August each year.

8. The Leagues will be made up of divisions, each division in the menís, ladies and mixed leagues will normally consist of five teams as matches will be played home and away. The league secretary may have to have a larger division at the bottom of the league playing home or away.

9. Promotions and Relegation.
The top team in all divisions will be promoted and the bottom team in all divisions will be relegated

10. (a) In the Mixed league, a team will consist of not more than three men and three ladies and a match in this League will consist of the following games: 1 ladies doubles: 1 men's doubles: 4 mixed doubles. In the mixed doubles no player shall play more than once against any other player in the opposing team. In the event of disagreement between captains the order of play will be as follows:

Ladies doubles
Men's doubles
Mixed doubles 2 home v 1 away
1 home v 2 away
1 home v 1 away
2 home v 2 away

10. (b) In the Men's and Ladies Leagues, a team will consist of four players playing a total of 6 rubbers. Before the start of play the captains will exchange a list of numbered players. The first two rubbers will be players 1 and 2 playing 3 and 4 from each team; the next two rubbers will be players 1 and 2 playing each other and 3 and 4 playing each other. The last two rubbers will be 1 and 3 playing each other and 2 and 4 playing each other.

10. (c) Two points will be awarded for a win, one point for a draw (three rubbers each) and one point for each rubber. In the event of teams being equal on points awarded, the resulting positions in the divisions will be decided on the number of matches won, if this be tied on the number of rubbers won, if this be tied the number of games won and if this is also equal, the number of points won.

11. Results of matches must be on the appropriate score card provided, must be signed by both captains, correctly scored and sent to the appropriate League Secretary within three days of the match being played. This is the home teamís responsibility. Unless this is strictly adhered to Rule 17 will apply. Cards may be scanned and emailed to the league secretary

12. No walkovers will be permitted. Any team not fulfilling a fixture shall be deducted 4 points. Should a team not fulfil a fixture the opposing team can claim the match.

13. Matches will be played either home and/or away as stipulated by the League Committee.

14. Any Club entering more than one team must nominate to the League Secretary in writing, on the form provided the names of the players in the higher team before the first match is played. Nominated players shall not play for a lower team, even if the Club has two teams playing in the same division Players from a lower team may play up TWICE and still return to the lower team

15. Any Club with two teams in the same Division shall play each other in the first match of the season. A Club may not have more than two teams in any one Division. If the two teams are in a Division that plays home AND away then the reverse fixture must be played not later that the first match after Christmas.

16. Any new team entering the Leagues will normally be placed in the bottom Division. Clubs may apply to the League Secretary for re-assessment of their teams to go into a higher or lower Division and this will be considered by the League Committee.

17. The League Committee has the power to adjudicate on any matter not covered by these rules and/or any rule not adhered to. In the case of any dispute, the Committee shall have the power to award the match to one side or the other. The decision of the league committee is final.

18. Sufficient unused Badminton England approved shuttles of the same design, manufacture and speed must be provided by the home team to complete a specific match, i.e. the type of shuttle must not be changed during a match. Only cork based shuttles shall be used in matches unless by prior agreement between the two teams. Failure to comply can result in the away team claiming any uncompleted rubbers.

19. A substitute may be used in the event of injury during a match if both captains agree and provided Rule 14 is applied. The substitution must not take place during a rubber.

20. Only members whose names appear on the B.E. printout are eligible to play in league matches. Any new players joining an affiliated club should be added to the printout and the form should be completed and forwarded with the appropriate fees to the Hon County Secretary who will notify the League Secretary.

21. Late arrival: in the event that a match is not completed in the booked court time due to a late start the team that arrived late has the option to pay for additional court time or to concede the unfinished rubbers. The option must be chosen before the match commences.

22. When finalising league positions, if teams facing promotion or relegation are level on points, then all rubbers, sets and points gained as a result of conceded matches will be disregarded.

23. All matches will be played using the rally points scoring system.

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