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Bridgnorth Badminton Club Constitution

  1. The club shall be known as Bridgnorth Badminton Club and will be affiliated to the Badminton England through the Shropshire County Badminton Association.

  2. Applications for membership will be forwarded with visitors fee to the secretary and considered by the committee as soon as possible in order of application.

  3. Resignations should be sent to the secretary before September 1st.

  4. Visitors shall not be allowed to play more than four times in a season, except at the discretion of the committee.

  5. The age limit for students and the maximum number permitted shall be decided by the committee.

  6. Honorary members will be elected at the AGM.


  1. The finances of the club are to be administered by the Hon Treasurer under the direction of the committee.

  2. Subscriptions shall be determined by each AGM/EGM.

  3. Membership fees paid within four weeks from the start of the season are entitled to a discount.

  4. Members joining after Jan 1st should pay a half yearly subscription.

  5. Cheques must be signed by any two of the 3 registered signatories.

  6. The club can only be wound up if two thirds of the membership vote in favour at an AGM/EGM.  Residual funds will be distributed proportionately to all paid up members.

  7. Annual Balance sheet must be audited by a club member other than the treasurer - to be elected at an AGM.


  1. The committee shall be elected at an AGM/EGM.

  2. The committee shall consist of the officials of the club:- Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Match Secretary, Social Secretary, Press Officer, Student Member and up to 3 non-official members.

  3. Nominations for all these posts must be submitted in writing to the Secretary at least one week prior to the AGM/EGM or at the AGM/EGM. 

  4. Committee shall, at its first meeting, appoint a Tournament Secretary.

  5. The Committee shall be able to co-opt any members of the club onto the Committee.

  6. A quorum of the committee shall consist of half the membership, every effort having been made to notify all members of the meeting.

  7. Chairman shall have only a casting vote at all meetings. 

  8. Chairman may not hold any other committee post.

  9. The Team Selection Committee shall be a sub-committee of the club and will consist of four members elected at an AGM/EGM and chaired by the Match Secretary.

  10. The results of all ballots will be communicated to the meeting.

  Annual General Meeting

  1. The AGM will be held between the end of the season.

  2. An EGM may be called at any time by a minimum of ten members.  This request must be received by the Secretary giving reasons.

  3. Any proposed change in rules must be received in writing by the secretary at least two weeks prior to the AGM/EGM.  These proposals will be included in the Agenda.

  4. Amendments to proposals may be taken from the floor during an AGM.

  5. Any change in rules can only be affected by a majority vote at an AGM/EGM.  This change must be approved by at least one third of the total membership.

  6. Classes of membership.

    1. Senior - pays full subscription, giving affiliation, voting and playing rights.

    2. Student - pays a student subscriptions, giving affiliation, voting and playing rights.

    3. Over 60s - pays two thirds of full subscription giving affiliation, voting and playing rights.

    4. Honorary - pays no subscription, is not affiliated and has no voting rights.

  7. A proxy vote will be permitted at an AGM/EGM.  A written nomination or proposal will be treated as a proxy vote.


  1. The Club agrees to honour the Child Protection Act, Disability Discrimination Act and Equal Opportunities Policy as set out by Badminton England endorsed by the SCBA.

  2. Appropriate Badminton clothes will be worn on court and accepted Badminton etiquette shall prevail.

May 2005


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